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New Portfolio
I started redesigning the studio portfolio today. Just finished layout for the artist section, basically the first fifty pages. What do you think of the cover?


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I like it! It looks good.

I like it... looks classy.

Thanks. I'm just a classy kinda guy. ;)

Overall, I like it a lot, but I worry about having all the members names splattered about like that. What if new people join or members leave? Won't that screw up the layout? Maybe having a list or block of names instead? I don't know.

I'm considering taking off all the names and making a nice index instead.

One day. Oh yes, one day.

But otherwise it looks good. I like it.

Like the look and feel very much, but I can't read the names worth a darn. Not sure how you'd fix this, but I'm squinting quite a bit. That's typeface is pretty delicate, and when put on contrasting backgrounds, even with the black halo effect, it's still tough to make out.

I was worried about that. I dropped the opacity down to about 80% on the names layer. The idea was to make it blend better...maybe bring the man logo to the fore. Hmmm. I may have to drop the name layer or investigate new fonts.

The text gets a little harder to read in some of the less contrasty areas, but it looks good. :)

Maybe add a shadow to the letters in the lighter areas?

The names are hard to read in some places. Elissa Carey is an example of one that I couldn't read at all at first glance and only studied it long enough to read it so that I could type it here. :)

Other than readability aspects, I'd say it is spot on. :)

I'm going to fix the names in version 2. I'll try using a drop shadow, but I might just remove the names for an interior index.

I was definitly thinking drop shadow. or at least the same effect you used on the main title.

I agree, it looks good, but the names might be better indexed.

I'm thinking the same thing.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks. I'll send you a copy when it's finished. I haven't added the writer pages yet.

Lookin' good

Hey Aaron- Gravey here. Just checking up on the goings on in the Acevedo compound. Cover looks good!

Hey Gravey! Thanks, man. How are you? I was just talking to Neen about getting in touch with you this week. I need to print a few portfolios and you dah man. ;)

Re: Lookin' good

Great! Just got a bunch of rolls of new media to try out. Might have a roll of clear film coming to do some cool overlays.

I have to check out your shop one of these days. I want to see all of your cool toys in action!

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