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Halcyon Fleet Lieutenant

Halcyon Fleet LT originally uploaded by aaronace.

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I've seen some of the sketches for Halcyon and I'm really looking forward to seeing more artwork and more of the game too.

Is she more of a medical officer than military. The symbol in the background had me a little intruiged.

We decided to go full color with Halcyon, so I have fifty or so images to color. And I haven't even started on the maps for the Plot Point campaign yet. Ugh.

She's a line officer, btw. Dress uniform.

I am also eagerly awaiting the arrival of the setting ;)

You can't see it, but I just stood up and saluted.

What's Halcyon?

Halcyon is a military sci-fi setting for Savage Worlds.

Sweeeeet. Is it gonna be printed, or PDF? Because SW/MilSF are two great tastes that taste great together.

Both print and PDF. We're working on a webcomic too.

Reminds me very much of Chris Shy's work.

In particular, I'm thinking of the woman he uses for these pieces:
printo29 copy
Orphans (background)

He uses one particular woman in several of his images, and yours looks like her too. (:

I love Shy's work. I wish I had half his talent. :)

Really? I prefer your work to his. His figures look too artificial, while yours seem very organic.

Wow, thanks. He's one of my influences so that's a nice compliment.

Wow. Beautiful, and her expression . .. yeah.



haven't commented on this in a while, despite some of your awesomazing art.

I like the color scheme, though the apparent AF motiff requires me to dislike it on grounds of branch pride.

Are those ribbons or miniature medals on her chest? In the case of the former, I know it's not "real," but the size restrictions would still hold weight; the current military standard is 3 ribbons across, centered on the top line. (Wearing the highest 3 is authorized, in the case of those who don't want to have a giant rainbow tacked on their chest) In the case of mini-medals, it would be a dinner dress uniform for Navy, iirc. The mini-medals are 5 across, with bottom of the medals on the bottom row 1/8 inch from the top of the pocket. The row above that covers all but the medal on the row beneath.(I'm a bit fuzzy on the fancy stuff, never had to wear them) I don't know the standard for AF. Standard sized medals are 3 across, like the ribbons, and are worn on very formal occasions, such as retirements for bigwigs, and funerals, and change of command ceremonies.

What's the insignia above the ribbons/medals supposed to be?

Sorry, I don't mean to preach, it's just the only thing that I really had to say, aside from "spiffy!"

Thanks for the input, I served nine years in the Navy myself. I didn't really plan out what each of the ribbons was for or anything... just put them in to give the viewer the impression of a military uniform.

Very nice indeed. This is the kind of artwork I need to get for Fourth Millennium.

Didn't Jason do the cover for Fourth Millennium? Speaking of covers... a couple of studio artists are helping me wrap up a bunch of looses ends and we're working on the Second Creation piece. Man... shattered stained glass is tough!

Something screwy going on with Typepad right now. It looks like they are displaying old versions of all the blogs... and I can't get into the control panel to fix it. Grrr. Not the first time. Maybe I should start hosting stuff on the Talisman server instead.

isn't that what it's for ;)

Well... yeah. No more logic from you! ;) Decided to put 'em up on flickr for now, as you can see.

Very nice. I like the way the tac-display flows around her head . . .

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