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I'd love that in my room on my wall somewhere.
Wonder how it'd print...

Check your email for a hi-res version.


Happy early birthday to me! 8)

Thank you so much!

Awesome Ace. I think you could make a living at this y'know?

(Deleted comment)
Good idea. I should paint a hell-hound too!

wow!fire horse!!!

goood!!i love this!tnx !)

Gorgeous! All it needs to be perfect are wings of fire - but that's just because I'm a pegasus fanatic. Its realy cool.

Ooh, I like.

"Hot" damn, indeed. ;)

ooo...that's frickin' sweet. Do you have a larger version that I can use as wallpaper? (Forgive me if this has been asked and answered -- I haven't read the responses yet)

Oh yeah, erm, if you need it... colorista at gmail dot com. :D

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