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Something Different

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Ooh. That's desktop wallpaper material... :)

I've got a larger version if you want it.

W00t. :D

josienutter (at) gmail (dot) com

(Unless you've got it up http-wise somewhere...)

Goes with the carpet in my office.

I would love the larger version as well.
Classicista at gmail

Re: Goes with the carpet in my office.

Sent. :)

Re: Goes with the carpet in my office.

Mille Grazie.
It's beautiful.

Ace? cronickain (at) gmail

Hehe. Had a Firefly/Serenity marathon over the holiday.

That's awesome, amigo! And I agree with the others--I want the larger version so I can use it for wallpaper! Pretty please?

Sent. :)

How are you doing? The family? Getting any sleep? ;)

We're good, thanks. Not much sleep, no, but surviving on it so far. Hopefully the young'un will settle into a more normal sleep pattern in a few weeks and then we can catch up. I should have a pic or two of him up soon, btw.

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