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That has to be my favorite of the ones I've seen from you so far.

Color scheme? Content? What makes this one stand out for you?

The color scheme (though, I usually prefer blues and greens) and the ruins. The dragons are a very nice touch but it is the ruins that do it for me.

Cool. Thank you very much. :)

I think the ruins do it for me too.
Very cool.

Adding the scratchy yellow/white highlights brought out the edges of the rock. It really helped make the ruins stand out, I think. Thanks, baby.

Dragons! Now we're talking! This reminds me of Pern. :)

That wasn't the inspiration when I started but that was the inspiration for the title.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! Hope you and John are doing well. My best to the Jax crew. :)

(Deleted comment)
We miss you guys too. We really want to take a trip to FL soon, but scheduling is tight with the Conventions we have to go to every year. Hopefully we'll hit Jax this summer at some point.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you kindly. I'm partial to this one too. :)

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