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Best LJ Client?
I've tried Deepest Sender (not for me) and Semagic (pretty good). What do you use?

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I like semagic, but I haven't tried the others.

I have Deepest Sender and Semagic, and like and use them both (Semagic for longer posts, Deepest Sender for short and random things mostly).

I use to use Semagic, but with having to maintain a number of blogs, I started using w.Bloggar. Eventually I bought a license for Ecto, and I'm glad I did because the interface and not having to switch for accounts has saved me a lot of frustration. Best $17 I spent, although I'd prefer for them to hurry up and get the WYSIWYG HTML editor completed sooner rather than later. I'm fed up posting in raw HTML :D

I'm currently experimenting with the LJ hook extension in Firefox. It seems reasonably good, if a bit less powerful in some ways than semagic. It's nice the extent to which it is integrated with the browser, but the jury's still out.

Semagic, definitely. I've tried the others that are linked in the past and they din't have near as many options.

I really wish they had it for the mac too though.

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