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I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of good stuff. I've been reading SinFest, PvP, Dork Tower, and Penny Arcade regularly. I was reintroduced to Gaming Guardians, so I'm giving it a go (thanks graveyardgreg), and I just started reading Gossamer Commons and Finder.

How about you? Reading anything good?

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I knew you'd have a bunch to offer. :)

You should check out Commissioned as it talks about both RPG and drawing :)

Ones I'm reading that aren't already on your list:

Bunny - Cute, random, and original. Not sure if it's for everyone, but I think it's cool.

Questionable Content - Pintsize amuses me.

VG Cats - You'll probably like it since you like PvP and Penny Arcade.

Friendly Hostility - Features, among others, a crazy inventor, a satanic priest, a cynical biologist, a future dictator, a demon, and Nyarlarthotep :)

I heart FH! She also just started another that you should check out called 5ideways which, as far as I can tell, is a post-Apocalyptic "us vs. monsters" storyline. It's very intriguing so far.

Recently, I've been digging on Liberty Meadows. It's like Bloom County but without the politics. And hotter chicks.

Dinosaur Comics. Witty, weird, and totally sweet.
Alien Loves Predator. Freakish use of action figures.
Order of teh Stick. Best D&D comic ever. Start with number one, and cry your self stupid laughing at the rest.

Freakish use of action figures.... like Robot Chicken? I'll have to check it out. :)

Been reading S*P myself for over 3 years now... I highly recommend it!!! The very first comic sets the tone and if you like that one, you'll love the rest! :D

I've been reading Sluggy for years, now.
The earlier stuff tends to be better than the more recent.

I'll start at the beginning. :)

Girl Genius!

Story and art by Phil and Kaja Phoglio, who really know their stuff.

They do at that... I forgot about this one too. Sheesh, I must be getting old or something.

Along with Sluggy, Something Positive, VG Cats, Penny Arcade and PVP which have already been mentioned, I've been reading Schlock Mercenary.

Re: Schlock Mercenary

Looks good. :)

I knew about Order of the Stick but I totally forgot to check it out. Thanks!

I HIGHLY recommend Ctrl+Alt+Del. It's a MUST read. Also, I really think you would dig Kristy vs. the Zombie Army and Orneryboy.

Some good ones mentioned, but I'll add one I'm rather fond of lately, Agnes Quill

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