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A Game of Thrones RPG
Just received my copy in the mail and man, it's huge! Can you stop a bullet with this thing or what? It's nice to see a few of my peeps in the credits -- shellefly and elissa_carey (happy birthday), that means you. ;)

Can't wait to actually play. Maybe an online game? Hmmm.

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Now you can imagine how I felt on opening two boxes of comp books (see my "bomb" post): four copies of the regular and one of the limited edition. Hefty. Not only could you stop bullets, but you could snap necks when using it in lieu of a slap.

Playtesting it was fun. One of my favorite scenarios we played involved my making a member of the Redwyne family. Miriam Redwyne was quite the plotter and a mistress of CYA.

neenerpants and I are talking about starting a solo campaign but she wants to finish the books first. She's about half way through book 3.

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Hehe. We'll be seeing your name all over the place in 2006. ;)

Woah, they made an RPG?! Sweet! Make sure to tell the Internet if it's good or not. (c:

I'd join in, if I have time.....

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Re: Why roleplay when you can just be evil?

But of course, my lady.

You know, I'd be interested in that possibly, depending on the medium and schedule.

Of course, I need to crack open the novels again :D

I'm still looking for a good virtual gaming table client. Any suggestions?

I'm assuming we're talking free or cheap to use.

What ones have you looked at or used?

I've tried GRIP, OpenRPG, and WebRPG so far. I usually just play online games via chat.

Rock on, hadn't realized you guys worked on it! I'll have to check it out next time I hit the bookstore.

Wow and what a beautiful game it is. Very nice full page pictures of the story I love so much.

Jason did a few of the illustrations, but not as many as I expected. His work on the CCG was well received.

Squeeee! I so want to play this. I really need to re-read these tomes

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