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‘My design, my colors!’"
Spiderman is getting a new gadet-filled costume, a gift from Tony Stark (Iron Man). Don't know about you, but I'm not feeling it.


I can't say I like it. At all.

It might pass if it wasn't so tacky.
Down with the tacky.

The boots make me cringe.

I gave up on comics a long time ago. There really is no consistency anymore and the artwork is really starting to suck.

There are some gorgeous books out there, don't get me wrong, but this design is ah... not good.

That is pretty asstastic.

How does he stand upright with such tiny knees and ankles?

I really hope he can't fly with this new suit. Ugh.

Man! I love how it's not a bad costume at all. Not necessarily great, but not the terrible offense against all that is good and holy and tasteful (to the degree that the regular Spidey costume is tasteful) that the Internet community is making it out to be. And it's not like this will last for all that long. Spider-Man is pretty iconic. I doubt they'll keep a new costume like this. AND MAN! People complaining about the artist! I imagine that any other artist will draw Spider-Man as they normally do, and then detail the costume afterwards. Tiny knees and ankles aren't likely a requirement for this costume.

Agreed, various artists will portray the suit (and his knees) differently, but I just don't like the design. Especially the boots. Finch (New Avengers) is doing a great job, but I don't think he'll wow me with this one. I kinda dig the concept though. I just hope the suit can't fly.

For those of you who aren't following the current books, Spiderman is a member of the new Avengers team with Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Woman, Luke Cage, Wolverine, The Sentry, and Echo (from the pages of Daredevil).

Here's hoping that doesn't last.

Is this the result of the same sort of writing that let Magneto rip the admantium out of Wolverine? I bet it is.

Time to go get my reciprocating bowel disruptor of TRUTH out of storage and go 'investigating'.

I second that motion... And if second has been taken, just pull me into line behind the most recent number.

They'll just end up re-imagining Spidey again in 5 years anyway.

"Hmm, we're not selling as many comic books as we did previously. I know, let's change the damned universe (again)".

The colors are okay, but the art style makes him look like a hypercephalic rave attendee. And as someone with a big interest and background in anatomy, his hips are waaaaaaay too small. Back-ache time.

The colors are okay, but the art style makes him look like a hypercephalic rave attendee.

Agreed. And those clown feet... good gravy. Looks more like an Aeon Flux parody than the wise-cracking Spidey we all know (no matter what costume he wears).


(When did Spidey become anorexic? Look at those hip-bones!)

All other issues aside, why would Spidey even need gadgets?

To better handle Avengers-classed supervillains? I'm not sure where they're going with it. I'm only a casual reader.

If they were going to present a new costume design like this, they really should have had someone do it that could make it look better. Instead of the "gnarly, crinkled" style that I despise whenever I see (apparently leftover from the "gritty Nineties"), they should have had someone who knows how to make Tony Stark - inspired armored goodness rock the house.

It's a gimmick that I am sure makes sense in the context of the story somewhere; Petey's nervous, Tony get's him some extra protection, blah blah blah. He'll get sick of it after a while, and we'll have the "Return of the Real Spidey!"

He'll get sick of it after a while, and we'll have the "Return of the Real Spidey!"

Hehe. Yup.

That's...armor? That holds gadgets? Looks like skintight material to me.


Maybe the metal bits have some built-in gimmicks? Dunno.

Urgh. I'm not a big superheros comic reader, but that's just... not doing it.