Aaron Acevedo (aaronace) wrote,
Aaron Acevedo

Top Five RPG Covers

I'm can't say these are the top five of all time, but the top five after a quick glance through my collection... why not? :)

5. Matt Wilson's work with Privateer Press is stellar. I love their logo designs too.

4. Bradstreet's art defined Vampire for me. Loved it.

3. The Brom cover that inspired my favorite RPG setting of all time. See below.

2. When I saw this cover at GenCon I bought the book, no questions asked. What a gorgeous piece. Stunning.

1. I was in love with Deadlands the moment I saw this Brom painting. Now I've got a manitou crawling around in my guts and it'll never let go. In fact, I just finished working on Deadlands Reloaded not too long ago... want a sneek peek? Scroll down a couple entries on the main page.
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