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There will come a Reckoning

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This is great. What media do you use?

Thanks. I use Photoshop and a wacom tablet. Sometime a little Painter, but not for this one.

Nice and creepy. Great stuff.

Wow. And... wow. Perfectly titled.

Thank you. I stole the title from Deadlands. ;)

isn't that a section title in DLR? :P

nice image, btw

Ya got me. Can you tell I was working on the Deadlands OGN last night?

Wow, this guy freaked me out when I saw him on my friends page.

That's a good thing... I think. :)

Nasty. And, uh, very, very nice. :)

I think it's zombirific!

Well, it is a zombie... or maybe a harrowed gunslinger. Hard to say. I was lazy, no gun.

Whatever it is, don't show it to Shane. He may confess his undying (get the joke?) love for you.

Wow, that's excellent!

Oooooh, it's gorgeous.

I had a daytime, waking nightmare about zombies yesterday. This hits "close to home" =P

I hope you survived with limbs intact. ;)

omg this is scary... :( haha

At least there are no giant spiders, right?

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