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Sailing the Sea of Fate

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Thanks, glad you like it. I have mixed feelings about it... I accidentally closed the file unsaved after an hour of edits. Grrr. Originally there was a railing, but I got frustrated with the results the second time around and painted over it. I like the ship in the background though... and the wisps of hair. :)

Brilliant! I love this one!!


While the gods laugh, the world's ELRIC FANBOY am I.

Any prayer of a larger version?!?

Thanks! A larger version is en route.

That's just wonderful!

Very moody! Elric in one of his less self-pitying moods. Love it.

Damn nice piece of work.

Wow, I really love this one. Looking forward for the bigger version ;)

I'll hook you up. Where should I email it? ;)

airshell at gmail.com :)
Thank you very much in advance!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you, kindly. I'm feeling all kinds of proud now. :)

Have any requests? I'd love to paint something for one of your projects.

(Deleted comment)
"Man, I'd love to make a request - but here in the real world, writers almost never get any say over the artwork that goes on their books ... alas."

No big. I was thinking of something for you really... a character sketch maybe?

"But that having been said - have you ever done any work with Subterranean Press? They do some really beautiful books, some of which are in a style not dissimilar to your own."

Thanks! I'll take a peek at their submission guidelines. :)

(Deleted comment)
Any idea who their art director is? No guidelines on the site. :(

(Deleted comment)
Awesome. Thank you so much! That's really cool of you. :)

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