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The Flight of the Icarus

Just a little somthing I whipped up for gmakarka's Serenity campaign.

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That's phenomenal!

(And..ahem..'Serenity' campaign...??)

Yeah, for the Serenity RPG.

Check Gareth's journal... he's been posting episodes. :)

Hotness. I especially like your background textures.

Well, and the decision to not use a crappy font like Papyrus. They should have gotten you to art-direct the movie.

Let them know I'm available for a sequel, okay? ;)

Nice. I'm assuming that goes on a Firefly of some sort, though?

Sweet! Now if I could just come up with something similar for my next Trek game (aboard the USS Durendal)...

And next time, I'll remember to log in before posting a comment... ::rolls eyes::

Send me the details... I'll hook you up. :)

Hehe. No problem. Logos are fun. :)

Very pretty. And very Firefly-like too.

I could say it sucked, just to stand out in the crowd, but I really like this. :)

I'm still toying with ideas for SA: 1776.

Really? Wait till you see chapter 2, it deals with equipment and the like.

That is amazing.

And just naming a ship Icarus gives me an idea for an episode in my own campaign.

Yeah... the name is inspiring. That, and Gareth's stories are pretty cool too. :)

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