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Very, very cool. I always liked this costume better than the black-n-white one too.


You doing Vs now? Or is this for fun?

Awesome. I wanna see her and the other Spider-Woman kiss.

Hehe, thanks. I still owe you a Shayara painting, don't I?

Nice! Though--and don't take this wrong--not as hot as Finch's version in NA. But close. :)

Agreed. Finch is a badass. NA inspired me to paint this one. I'm really digging the book so far (except for Spidy's new flying costume).

Very cool. Did you take a nude model and use a filter over her?

If only it were so easy. I'd be rich. ;)

how did you do this? share!

Magic. ;)

I guess I should do a tutorial one the these days. Several people have asked me about my process lately. The short answer is wacom tablet and Photoshop.


you can draw for me)?))

Looks like you're doing pretty well on your own...just skimmed through your journal a bit, nice work. :)

*fangirl squees*

I love the color and texture so much....

Wow! body paint! wow. :)


Very nice. It has a cool painterly style to it.

Thanks for the add.

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