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Fear and Loathing...
neenerpants and I are headed to Las Vegas next week for GTS. Any of you going?

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Neenerpants is very excited.

I want to go, very much. My hope is that once I get at least two or three adventures and an SW campaign setting published, I will feel worthy of attendance. My hope is to have that all accomplished by the end of 2007, letting me attend in 2008.

Andy Hopp is throwing a "Gathering of Savages" at Con on the Cob in Oct (iirc). Shane and several other Savage Worlds luminaries will be there... you should check it out. :)

Not this year. Have fun, and don't let princeofcairo get out of your peripheral vision.

It's ok, I'm covered... I have ninjas.

I'll be there, wandering about and looking for trouble.

I never doubted. ;)

I'll buy you a brew if we bump into each other... I wanna show you DLR, though Shane'll probably beat me to it.

OK, I see something happening...

I see Shane, Matt, Ace, Sean.... lots of alcohol....

A GTS to remember!

Or, well, probably to forget....

Cool. Maybe we'll bump into each other. I'll be hanging with the Pinnacle & Studio 2 folks.

It'd be cool to go but alas...

Well, duh!

See you there...

Sorry, amigo, but with an infant in the house I can't justify going that far for that long. Hope you and the rest have fun (it sucks that I'm going to miss hanging out with you and Sean and Paul and Matt and the rest). Next year I'm hoping to attend again.

You'll be missed, Prime. :(

Going to Origins or Gencon?

Thanks, Ace.
No, unfortunately I'm not making those either. Sigh. I am going to I-Con later this month, though, if you want to trek out to Long Island. :)
Next year I'll try to hit more shows. The sprout will be over a year old by then, so it'll be a lot easier to either bring him with or leave the wife with him and the toddler.

I will make it down to Long Island one of these days... if not for the show, then just to visit. :)

(Deleted comment)
DLR is gorgeous! (I may be a little biased)

We'll catch up at Origins though. :)

Oh we better. *shaking fist madly in the air*

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