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Deadlands is back!

Deadlands: Reloaded is the latest incarnation of the award-winning Deadlands setting.

Powered by the Savage Worlds system, Deadlands: Reloaded takes the Weird West and gives it a Savage twist.

All the usual Western horror, all the hex-slinging, gun-toting, monster-hunting, ghost rock inspired mayhem you're used to, merged with Savage Worlds' Fast! Furious! Fun! ethos.

In Deadlands' 10th Anniversary year, strap on your six-guns and hit the high plains, pardner. The Reckoners are back - and Hell's comin' with them!

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I have my regular copy sitting on my bed behind me :p

I also have the Limited Edition copy at the shop waiting for me to bring it home. Probably do that on Sunday when I pick up two more Limiteds for another of my gaming group and one of his friends whom I'm gaming with on Monday.

So glad Deadlands is back and looking forward to lots of new material!

So - stop reading this and get scribbling!!! :p

(PS - Well done! :D)

Thanks. I've been a Deadlands fan from the beginning and this was a blast to work on. I can't wait to share all the new stuff we have in the works. :)

I think the LE Hangin' Judge is gonna be my next tattoo, heh.

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We are looking for new Deadlands writers... just saying. ;)

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Looks Great!

I've got it as a Featured Product on the front of the Flames Rising website.

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Doomtown is my favorite collectible card game. If you ever get the chance, play a hand or three. :)

If Alex has my copy, I'll be getting mine tomorrow/today/whatever.

Looks Great! Congrats!

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Some sweet stuff there; the picture of the city street is very cool. I look forward to seeing the book itself!

Cool... I especially like that first illo of yours, the city scene. Great mood.

Boy, that one's popular. Thank you. :)

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Thanks, Joe. Hi to John and Brandy for me!

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Ask Five Shadows... I hear she's tight with them.

Damn, those are incredible. Are they in the regular edition or just the LE?

Thank you. They are in both editions. :)