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New Prints

City O Gloom


Fight Fire with Fire



Hunter Hunted

Lady Huckster

Mars Base

Mistress of Autumn

Prince with a Thousand Enemies


Seraphim Song

Working the Rail

I just ordered a bunch of new prints on Stathmore, Acid Free, 80# cover stock. You can place orders here until I get these added to my main site. If the image you want isn't listed, just let me know and I'll get it ordered. Pricing as follows:

One 12" x 18" for $15, two for $25, or three for $30.

8.5" x 11" are $10 each.

Please include the image title, quantity, and shipping address with your order.


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I can't even single one out as particularly great, as they all wow me.


Thank you, kindly. :)

Awesome stuff. I really like the watercolor feel of most.

Thanks, Josie. All photoshop. :)

I love Archive of the Paper Angel.

I'll have to look into the finances, see if we have some cash to spare...

Thank you. She's from Goblin Markets, an upcoming Deliria sourcebook by the uber-talented satyrblade.

How much for postage to the UK?

Or will you be at GenCon?

Actually, regardles sof being able to post to the UK, will you be at GenCon? It'd be good to hook up!

Not sure about the postage to the UK, I'll check it out.

I'm actually skipping GenCon this time around (prior family commitment). Are you going to Origins?

It'd probably be for about 5 or 6 prints.

I won't be at Origins (I've actually never done Origins before - I should try it one year...).

I only decided that I really needed to be at GenCon this year last week. The last time I was at a US GenCon was back in 1994!

Too funny, 1994 was my first GenCon. :)

Do you work off of models for the ones with figures? The expressions are just amazing...

Thanks. I try to use reference or models for all my figures, otherwise they start looking the same.

Very very cool, amigo.
The Paper Angel is my favorite, but they're all excellent.

Postage to Canada for a 12" x 18"?

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