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Superman Returns

I really liked it. Singer captured some beautiful, iconic shots. Brandon Routh was, well, graceful. neenerpants and I thought he was channeling Christopher Reeve as Clark. Good stuff. Thumbs up.

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Agreed on all accounts. Was quite good :)

Mark and I saw it earlier as well. I liked it...though as Mark remarked, it did seem like a downer the whole way thru...

I plan to see it pretty damn soon, as I've always been a fan of Reeve's iteration of Superman. I'd heard that this was more or less a continuation afte the second movie, a "truer" retelling of the storyline, so I want to see where they take it. Routh looks enough like Reeves to pull it off, and from all accounts he does a great job doing so; always nice to have continuity in characters even when played by different actors (Batman, I'm looking at you).

(Deleted comment)

I thought I was the only one who thought Ninja Batman was silly.

I liked it, but next movie he had damn well better punch something. Not all the world's problems can be solved by lifting large objects!

Sad thing is, I did not like it.

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