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Batman Sequel titled Dark Knight

And Heath Ledger has been cast as the Joker.

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Awesome name. Awesome casting.

Name is great. Casting could have been much worse. I was hoping for Adrien Brody though. He sure has the face for it. :)

You gotta save Adrien Brody for Two-Face.

(Deleted comment)
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Heath Ledger definitely someone I never would have thought of! Which is a good thing! It's always the unexpected castings that seem to perform best.

Agreed. It's not a choice I would every have expected.

Judging from the photo, he's got the physical part down pat but can he act the part?

I'm just worried about the voice... that's the only part that seems out of place for me.

(Deleted comment)
As soon as I read that I was hoping that Ledger ran out and called Hamill for advice.

Yeah, another friend just told me about this, too. Interesting. I'm willing to give him a chance at it--I think he might surprise us all and do a great job.

Same here. I was kind of iffy about Liam Neeson and Cillian Murphy in the first movie but they did a great job in my opinion.

I was iffy about Michael Caine. I thought the actor who played Alfred in the first four movies was the only good thing about them. Caine wasn't so shabby, though.

I think so too. I'm intrigued by the title... wonder if they are going to swipe anything from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.

I read the accompanying Sci-Fi Wire article and they mentioned that the title appeared to be an allusion to Miller's graphic novel. It's quite possible that they could take story elements from DKR, but the moniker "Dark Knight" has always been used since then, so it seems to be a hopeful stab in the dark rather than any true deduction. Simply saying "Dark Knight" is another way to say "Batman." It doesn't necessarily pertain directly to Miller.

I'm tentative, but willing to be surprised.


I think he can probably do it, but I'm a tad tentative as well. I've liked all of Nolan's movies that I've seen so far, so there is that.

Despite The Brothers Grimm being a truly flawed movie, I did like Ledger's performance there.

Again, I say: tentative, but hopeful.


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