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Star Trek XI

Directed by J.J. Abrams with Matt Damon as young Kirk.

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Yeah, it's basically "Star Trek: Year One" or "Young Kirk and Spock." I fully expect to be underwhelmed.

I'll give it a try... as long as they don't announce Ben Affleck as Spock. :)

I just saw this as well and about fell out of my chair.

Think he'll do his best Shatner? Hehe.

what interests me the most is not simply the fact that JJ Abrams is directing, but that he got two of his best Alias writers to do the screenplay.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

It should be intriguing. After the disappointment that was 'Nemesis' Trek fans will be watching this with great apprehension.

Geek Test: If they do go ahead with Trek: Year One like they're rumored to be doing, they will be breaking continuity Big Time. Kirk and Spock didn't meet until shortly before the episode 'Where No Man Has Gone Before'. This my geek moment of the day.

might be interesting to have parallel stories, or vignettes. Kirk and Spock's lives separate and unaware of each other.

(Deleted comment)
You have got to be shitting me.

I'll be honest; i don't think Damon can do it.
I just don't. He's too recognizable of a face.
It'll be Good Will Trekking.
Or, The Trek Supremacy/Identity.
Or, Trekma.
Or The Talented Mr. Trekkie.
(Ad nauseum.)
They should've cast a no-name as young-Kirk, if that's where they're going with this.
I don't know. I think they should've left well enough alone with past time-lines, and done something completely different. The old spirit of Trek isn't going to be rejuvenated by tampering with the original material that made it great. It's a period piece, now - and to try to modernize it, robs it of something.
In my opinion, anyways.
I think they should've done something like...
Star Trek XI: The End of the Federation, or The Last Stand.
And had some sort of sweeping force perhaps more powerful than the borg just come rampaging through annihilating everything, leaving a broken, fragile human civilization in its wake that has to rebuild and try to establish dominance again in the galaxy, clinging to what precious scraps of warp-tech they have left. Maybe even have some key races that are too anachronistic now, eradicated entirely for good, cheap, shock-factor.
Oi. My loyalty and geekdom know no bounds.
Though i wear my delta-shield with pride.

They should either move the franchise forward or let it die. None of this prequel stuff.

OMG. I... don't even know what to say to that. Didn't they learn *anything* from Enterprise? Star Trek prequels are even worse than the Star Wars editions.

I don't know if this is a prequel. It could very much be a reboot.

I'm thinking reboot too.

I don't want to see Matt Damon as Kirk.

Mind you, I don't want to see Matt Damon as anything.

I'd rather see an unknown in the role. They should've asked me first. ;)

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