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The Red Star: Sword of Lies

It's been two years since we've seen The Red Star on shelves, but it's been well worth the wait. Christian Gossett and his team at Archangel have teamed up with WETA Workshop for Sword of Lies, and the art is incredible. Go pick up a copy, you won't regret it.

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Holy shit. And I can't go to the comics store this weekend! *whimper*

I feel for ya... but at least it'll be worth the wait. :)

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The Red Star is set in an alternate Earth where magic/technology are intermingled - soldiers are as likely to carry telekinetically wielded battle-spears as they are giant magically-resupplied machine guns. The stories of the Red Star are centered around officers of the "modern" URRS (occupying the role and space that in our world was the Soviet Union - although in their timeline, the URRS still hasn't quite fallen yet - their Chechnya is Nokgorka, for example, and they pulled out of their version of Afghanistan after the events detailed in the first book of the Red Star). The books of The Red Star are -

The Red Star: Battle of Kar Dathra's Gate - in which we are introduced to Sorceress-Major Maya Antares of the URRS, her brother, her husband, her best friends, and the world of The Red Star.

The Red Star: Nokgorka - in which Urik Antares' Skyforge is sent to the city of Bahamut, in Nokgorka, to help quell the uprising there, and Maya Antares learns that the battles of the Red Star are far larger than they first appeared.

These - and the one-shot Run, Makita, Run are collected in a single volume -
The Red Star Collected Edition.

The Red Star: Prison of Souls - Maya, Urik, Kyuzo, Makita and the crew of the Skyforge Konstantinov make a desperate run for the Prison of Souls, Archangel.

The Red Star uses a mixture of conventional drawn artwork and CGI models, and is absolutely spectacular - The Archangel guys are brilliant. It's an unabashedly politcal comic, and makes no apologies about it, but is also highly critical of pretty much all sides of modern politics.

It's really seriously brilliant stuff, and I'm very, very glad to see it's back on the market.

Yeah, what he said. Heh.

And hello. :)

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