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Pinnacle's new license...

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PS...You still open to publishing my Realms of Wonder game, even though it's not Savaged?

Holy shit! That's fantastic.

shakalooloo, that's a great userpic. Where's it from?

It's Private Daniel Phelts, a character from the old Doomtown CCG. The full, bigger version is up at www.beetart.com

beet: best artist ever!

(Deleted comment)
Loving the cover! (Also, go Shane! :) )

OOOOOooooooooooOOOOOOOOooooo..... NOICE! (Better than nice!)

Awesome! I love Solomon Kane. He's a great character.

He's the original. So many characters based on him...

Oh my god, I love Robert E. Howard. I always thought Kane would make a better movie icon than Conan (who was kinda flat a bit) Solomon was really conflicted--but the art--Oh it is just how I always pictured his character---very good!

I'm gonna buy that game too!

Am I the only one who wished, while watching the Skull Island scene in Jackson's King Kong, that someone would do new, big-budget, high-quality adaptions of Conan and Cthulhu with production values, good scripts and acting talent like that?

That's what they need...

Did you see the new Pirates movie? It had images in it that were so Robert E. Howard inspired it hurt! The producers/directors could do something easily that would make millions. Really Howard's works are stylized gore movies--swords and such instead of guns and knives.

Seems to me the Hollywood types could easily take any of Howard's works and turn it into a big budget (even moderate budget) movie and turn a huge profit.

I KNOW you aren't the only one to want this...after all there are new watercolor series of Sonja, and Conan in comics now...so there are committed fans just waiting!

Re: That's what they need...

Yeah - Pirates got me thinking wistfully along similar lines, too. I know there was an Elric movie in pre-production at one point, but I don't know what happened with that...

The Conan series is just dying for a quality adaptation, as opposed to the Dino deLaurentis "launder money for my Mob friends" versions of the 1980s. The only difficulty I'd see in such a project is that to truly do Conan justice you'd need an R rating and free hands with nudity and carnage. Still, that didn't keep the deLaurentis Conan from being a hit (it was rated R, as I recall, with a PG-13-rated sequel), and the mood toward fantasy in pop culture - not to mention a ruthless attitude toward solving problems - is far higher now than it was in the 1980s. There are new editions of the Howard books in print, the new comic series you've mentioned, and a strong market for high-budget high fantasy. Hmmmmm... wish I had a few million to throw in this direction... :)

I finally got to play Savage Worlds this past week. It won't be the last; I quite liked it. I have read, maybe, one Solomon Kane adventure; obviusly I need to go find one of the collected editions now and check up on it.

I stopped by at the local gaming store today, and they mentioned that you'd gotten that (I was actually asking about rumours of further Dealands stuff, and they said "No, but...").

Not particularly oddly given the pulp story elements, my brain keeps trying to read Wade-Willams as Wade Wellman.

It's nice to see Wiggy's name still appearing on books. I remember when he first started freelancing for KenzerCo with the Fury in the Wasteland book (which is still one of my favorite d20 books I own).

This looks to be a lot of fun.

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