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R'lyeh Rising
This is one of five new illustrations I did for Fantasy Flight's The Art of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.


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Very cool. I really like the shadow. Or is it a silhouette?

Thanks. It's a silhouette... another section of R'lyeh.

mmmm..."impossible angles"...

Looks great, Ace.

Thanks, man. I wanted to go even crazier with the angles, but was afraid nobody would figure out what it was. :)

What? Lovecraft fans not recognizine impossible angles for what they are??!! Preposterous! :D

Very nice. It invokes the sense of the mythos very well.

Now I want to go dig out my Lovecraft and read instead of getting some writing done...

Sweet. I guess I did my job then. ;)

That you did. Well enough that I succumbed and reread "The Rats in the Walls" and "Call of Cthulhu".

(Deleted comment)
Cool. I love Michael Komarck's cover and the book is full of great art. Enjoy!

WOoooooOOOoOo!!!! Awesome work! Where can I get a print of that? ^_^

Thank you. Drop jeannine.acevedo@gmail.com a note and we'll get you taken care of. :)

This completely made me shiver. I love it.

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