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The Plateau of Leng
There's another one of the new illustrations I did for Fantasy Flight's The Art of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.


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Oh wow, Ace! That one's just straight-up majestic! Wow...

That was me, BTW...


Thanks, man. I'm on my second SOBE and I still need a boost. Ugh. Sleepy.

Holy Jesus, Aaron, that one is absolutely gorgeous!

There's a civilization in the novel I'm writing at the moment that this picture would be perfect for, especially the building on the left! When it comes time for the cover, I may have to drop you a line. :)

You got skills, kid.

Many thanks. You can reach me here or at aaronace@gmail.com, I'm always looking for new commissions. :)

Oh, now that's nice.

Hey, thank you! Thanks for the linkage too. :)

I love your work.

(I went through Deadlands Reloaded the other day to make a point, and happily was able to show that while some hucksters have too few fingers, they all appear to be holding the hand of cards in their LEFT hand when they cast a hex, As Is Good And Proper.)

Oh I love it. I just want to crawl right in. I love your art!


That's excellent. Perfect inspiration for the Legend of the Five Rings game I'm running tonight. Especially as they're getting closer to the lands held by the forces of darkness...

Is there anywhere I can get it larger? It would back a nifty background for my work computer.

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