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A Game of Thrones CCG
Here are a couple cards from the latest set...


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"Winter is coming," indeed. Very nice!

(grumblegrumble...working on Songs of Ice and Fire... lucky bastard... :) )

Heh, thanks. He's my fav from this set. :)

Great Eddard! Can you show more of your SoIaF work?

Here's my Arya:

I did a few more of the name characters for the next set (Obara Sand, Brienne, and Catelyn Stark) but I can't show them yet. :)

That's perfect. Just the right amount of androgyny. :)

I can't wait to see your take on Brienne.

Thanks, I'll post brienne as soon as the new set is released. :)

Really like the style of the first one. Great profile.

Great face on the second one. I like your treatment with all the hair (and fur).

Thanks. I wanted him to look like a washed-up drunkard.

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