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What do you see?

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The inside of a cave with cave art on the wall.

I posted my comment without looking at anybody else's comments...but we saw the same thing.

So we should either be reassured...or worried. ;)

Hunters driving cattle toward the ocean - where people are cannonballing off of cliffs into the irridescent waters.

Hordes of devil bats emerging from a maelstrom unleashing their terror upon an ancient race.

I thought it was so obviously a body in a cave.

A bloody body in a cave, at that. :)

Father Time from The Silver Chair, deep below the sunlit lands, when the world above has gone grim and green and he lies glassed in, never more to awaken, behind the bloody fingerprints of the desperate.

Thanks, just trying it out for size. :0

The God Apollo riding through the sky on his fiery chariot - beating back the clouds of darkness. -Mystrys

A bear conducting a sonic attack.

This is going to sound dumb, but I see a landscape, specially with that yellow light.

I see a mountain with the auroraborealis above it, and a pile of peacock feathers below.

Not sure what it says about me, but I see a battle, with the yellow burst a massive explosion.

I actually see this in two different fashions and can't choose between the two.

First I see the base of a rocky bluff in the amazon where focilized imprints of dinosaur bones line the floor and wall.

Second, I see a man lying dead on the ground with his skin completely peeled off his body, revealing the red muscle tissue beneath.

Sunlight streaming into the mouth of a cave...looking at it from the back of the cave.

Am I insane?

I see a cave painting of an angry buddha-like (in appearance) god using his lazer eye beams to wreak vengeance on the world beneath him. Kind of like how children sometimes fry ants with magnifiying glasses.

I see a skeletonized body lying on a scarlet bedspread, with the head pointing toward the viewer and the left arm trailing out of the left side of the frame. The dark blob on the right side is the skull, which has been separated from the body, presumably by whatever is casting the light.

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