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Who am I?

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A god with a battered shield.

Incidentally, that just gave me an idea for my NaNoWriMo project.

Holy crap, that starts next wednesday, doesn't it?

A bronze statue of a roman warrior standing outside an abandoned building covered in vines.

(Deleted comment)
I stand at Hell's Gate. I do not guard hell, I guard those that would enter unduly from making the gravest of errors.

I see the personification of the secret garden...

A greek from frank miller's 300.

trapped behind a chainlink fence.

Van Gogh's Prodigal Ear, as rendered by Dave McKean.

Ooooh, guys! GUYS!

It's a woman with the biggest slice of potato au gratin EVAR.

See the chives?

Those aren't chives. Those are just the potato's eyes as they begin to sprout roots. :)

I see a potato someone threw against a fence and left to rot.

I see a tree with a recently cut off branch in front of a weed covered chain link fence lit by the setting sun.

A warrior woman with shield striding into battle

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