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City of Heroes/Villains
Any of you play? If so, look me up. My global is @doomgrinder and my main servers are Champion and Freedom.

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If you ever find yourself on Justice, Liberty, or Virtue, I'm @Archmage Chaos.

I have a couple toons on Virtue... I always wanted to give CoH roleplaying a chance, but I've yet to hook up with a good group.

My main heroes on Virtue are members of The Champions of Breakfast, and tend to RP.

I've looked at the game in the stores, and it looks like it could be really good.

How does it stack up to WoW?

And how do I convince my wife to let me get into another MMORPG?

I must admit I'm not a very experienced MMORPG player, but I've tried a few: EQ 1&2, WoW, Dark Ages of Camelot, and NWN (if you count that). City of Heroes/Villains is by far my favorite. The character customization and costume creation are ridiculously cool. I have TONS of alts because I like making new toons so much. I highly recommend it.

It's that kind of customization that was getting me interested in the game. Maybe I'll bring it up after my wife gets a new job. Thanks.

I'm on Infinity and Champion with an actibe SG on both of RL friends. @Psihawk is my global. Been playin since beta and only have 1 50th level. I'm such an altiholic!

It took me just under a year to hit 50. I only have one too. Next highest is 30 and the rest are all under 20. I plan to fix the situation soon... double XP weekend coming up soon. :)

I reactivated my account last night and found out, rather rudely, that I have to update my video card before I can play again.

What's a broke geek to do?

Jeannine's been having trouble with hers too... she's been playing in safe mode, yuck.

I play both CoH/CoV as well. Two level 50's, one 45+, maybe two 30+'s, as well as 4 or 5 20's... And a handful of under and over 10's. I most play on Freedom (both 50's here), as well as a little on Virtue, Protector, and Triumph. Name's @NeoDarke if any of you want to team. :)

Cool! How'd double xp weekend treat you?

Not good at all... Something about my PC not being powerful enough to handle I8. So I haven't been playing in a while. Ah well, hopefully soon I'll get a new PC and be good to go!

Awww, that sucks. Good luck with getting a new one up and running. We can do some of the I8 safeguard missions when you're back on. Fun stuff :)

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