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In Eddard's Name

Here's another illustration for Fantasy Flight's A Game of Thrones CCG. This is Catleyn leaving White Harbor for the South.


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(Deleted comment)

Re: as you might expect, this is what caught my eye

Thanks, I thought it might. ;)

Very nice.

I love the sunset.

Is that Ser Roderick behind her, vomiting into the ocean?

Beautiful painting.

I should have worked that in!

Goddammit, now I really am going to have to go back and read all of them again.

Nice work, man... very nice.

Hi Aaron, I seem to have mislaid your email address. Please can you mail me on angus at cubicle7.freeserve .co .uk as I have a couple of ideas I'd like to run past you that you may be interested in.

Thanks and keep up the good work :)

Sent! (aaronace at gmail.com)

I love this image. Very well done.

Wow. Beautiful!


*big manly hugs for you and Neener*

I need to pay you!

Hi, this is the new Art Director at FFG! (Zoe Robinson) The email I have for you doesn't seem to be working (nor can I find a different one via the internet), and your paychecks keep getting returned to sender! I am relieved to see from this livejournal that you are alive! Please email me at zrobinson (at) fantasyflightgames.com and let me know where you are so I can get you your comps and pay you!

Re: I need to pay you!

Thanks! Updated contact info sent.

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