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Blast from the Past
My stepmother just sent me scans of some old photos. Here's one of me, fresh out of boot camp, just before Operation Desert-Storm.


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At least you weren't wearing the whites! I was a Midshipman my freshman year in college, and I can't tell you the amount of cat calls I received when I was wearing my whites. [gay lisp] "Hey sailor, looking kind of cute today!" [/lisp]

I liked wearing my blues, but the whites sucked. Too easy to get dirty. I can remember dotting white-out on my buddy's uniform right before an inspection... heh. Luckily, I spent a good portion of my time in security, so I got to wear Marine cammies most of the time.

You're a vet?

I didn't know that. Where/when did you serve?

I served from 1990-1999. Sea-duty was aboard an aircraft-carrier (CV-67JFK, recently decommissioned). Shore duty in Jacksonville, Florida, both stations.

(Deleted comment)
So clean-cut and innocent looking. What the hell happened?

I started a game company... what the hell was I thinking!

You remind me of my brother in that picture.

You look sharp.

I still kick myself almost every day that I didn't enlist before college. I'd have been more disciplined and would've had better grades. I thought about doing it after, but my fiancee at the time (now my wife) would not have taken it well, and she's not cut out to be a soldier's wife. I saw just how trying that can be, being an Army brat and all. Especially considering the MOSs I was thinking of trying for...

Still, I feel like I should be doing something...serving in someway. Maybe if I can get on the volunteer FD, then I'll feel like I'm doing enough.

Hey, thanks. :)

I was gung ho back when this was taken, that's for sure. boot camp got me all riled up. I even tried to switch to air crew/rescue swimmer but failed the eyesight test. Boy, would my life be different now...

One of the main reasons I decided to get out after nine years was the sea-duty. All the separation was hell on my wife and I.

Woah... :) Cute..but it think i like the Ace I knew better :P


The Ace you know is gone too. I've lost 65 pounds since you last saw me. :)

hubba hubba... you looked so young! heheheh

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