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Crossing the Atlantic
Looks like I'm heading to the UK for three weeks this summer to meet with Talisman's new owner. It's going to be a working trip, but maybe I can sneak in a visit to a castle or three. I haven't been since 1996, so I'm really looking forward to it. Should be a blast!

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Talisman's new owner? Does that mean I'm fired from my only official freelancers gig?

Naw, you're still in the mix. :)

Very good then! Hey, did that book I did some work for ever get published?

Not yet, I'm afraid. But I am trying to get it back in the mix. I'll keep you posted. What's your availability like these days?

I'm good, email me some details!

Could be worse, huh? :)

Let me know if make it to North Wales at all -- we have lots of castles. :)

Holy Frak that is exciting!! I am so jonsing to travel to Europe and the UK

Nice icon. :)

I wish Neener was coming, but she doesn't have the vacation time. :(

**Looks like I'm heading to the UK for three weeks this summer to meet with Talisman's new owner.**

My initial thoughts were... "What? But I haven't brought you guys!!!" :p

We'll have to meet up whilst you're over here. I'm based in London (and we have a spare room) so I'm fairly sure you'll be passing through my town at somepoint or other during your trip :p

I certainly hope so in anycase!

I'm sure we'll be able to hook up at some point. I'll ping you when I have the details. :)

Yeah, the UK does rock pretty hard. At least I like it. I shall look forward to meeting you in person. And I be Alan by the way.

Hi Alan! I'm looking forward to it. :)


Have fun, even if it is a working trip. You're doing better than me, I haven't been to the UK since 1986. And I last saw Germany in '87. Did get to see the Wall from both sides before it came down, though.

You make it sound like you're going to have a meeting with the boss, which tickles me somewhat :-) I reckon there's going to be time for a castle along the way, among other exciting things to do. "Should be a blast!" I should say so -M-

As an aside - Angus, Aaron's coming over early in the morning of the 4th of July and we'll be spending some time in London when I pick him up... how's about getting together for a bite of lunch? We can all have a drink to celebrate the Yanks getting their independence! If the idea suits you then either Aaron or I will drop you an email and we can sort out the details. Ciao for now, -M-

Hehe. Well, technically, you are the boss now. Am I'm sooo glad. :)

I can't wait to play with the Cintiq! Work? Ha!

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