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The Acevedo Brothers
A snapshot of me and my four brothers. I'm on the left, then Adam, Sam, Alec, and Ben.


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Sam's a rockstar.

The 5 of you should have a show on the CW.

Alec's kind of a rock star as well. :)

They need a reality show... Simply called... Acevedo... Or maybe Ace's high :D

Nah. Al's just an artist; you should see him with his beret. The show would have to be called Aces Wild. Sam came up with it, I stole it and am using it. (|:|)
-Ben (the runner on the right side of the pic)

Definitely not the same as your service picture. :)

Nope. I'm a year and nine months older. :)

Wait--are these the Acevedo brothers or the Baldwins? Which one of you was in The Usual Suspects?

I have three brothers and we are all pretty close in age. You guys must have been trouble!

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