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Accidental Success

Accidental Success
Originally uploaded by aaronace

This one is for AEG's Warlord CCG, Stolen Destiny set.

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Hey, I really like this one.

Yeah, I agree. I really like it too.

Maybe I should give Warlord a try, though I haven't played any CCGs in a very longtime.

Thank you. Warlord's a fun game with an interesting setting. I wrote a good chunk of material for the RPG and had loads of fun with it.

I'd thought about applying for an opening working as a writer on the game, but felt weird about doing so, having no idea what it was about. The only AEG game I've played is the 1st Edition Legend of the Five Rings RPG.

I really like L5R, but I've only play in one campaign. I'd really love to play some more actually, but it's sitting on my playlist behind a few other games right now.

It looks much better here - they cropped it horribly on the cards, and left out much of that detail.

No kidding. I haven't seen the actual cards yet.

They're here. Yours are Fires of Fate and Conjure Doom.

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