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The House

The House
Originally uploaded by aaronace

This one is for Cubicle 7's 2nd edition Victoriana.

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Is the house based on a specific building. It makes me think of the Winchester House with all those windows.

Nope, not based on any one place.

Very impressive. I'd almost asked if it was a photo manipulation.

That's great. I can't to get back working on Grimm's so you can do something like this for me *grin*

'Can't wait' is what I should have said.

You know I got your back. Chalk me up for the cover. ;)

Fine, fine work sir!
and looks excellent in the book too! :-)

Are you at Gen-Con UK next weekend?
Be fab to say Hi.

Many thanks, it was a pleasure.

No Gen-Con UK for me I'm afraid. Maybe I'll get a guest invite on o these days. :)

Thats a shame,
maybe one day we'll be able to afford to bring you there to sign limited edition prints at the stand! ;-)

Have I told you yet that I think your work is absolutely amazing?

Thank you, kindly. Was I doing any artwork back in the AOL WoD days? Can't remember if I shared any back then. Great to hear from you btw, I hope all is well. Still gaming?

Welcomed. And, no, if you were doing any artwork back in those days, you never let on. I don't know if J mentioned it--I stumbled across you doing a short article on fantasy art. My thought was, "Wow! Someone with Aa's name is doing fantastic work. Oh, look, he's got Aa's birthday, too!"

I'm sort of still gaming. I've lost the taste for online play and our table top group has scattered to far flung areas so it's currently the occasional play with two. :-)

I used to sketch back then, guess I never showed my stuff to any of the gang. I'm glad you discovered my stuff online. It's nice to get back in touch. Where did you find me?

I'm going to try running an online game for my old Jacksonville group using Fantasy Grounds 2 and Ventrillo. We've gotten used to playing City of Heroes with Vent, so we figured we'd give tabletop a go. Should be fun. :)

Definitely nice to be back in touch. Someone had requested a Hub on fantasy art so I wrote this. During a search, I came up with your link (peep the bottom of the link section).

Oooh, good luck with the new game for your Jacksonville group. I'd never heard of Vent before, so now I'm thinking maybe we can get out old Plymouth group D&Ding on it.

Oooh. Very nice!

Ballpark, what do you charge for an illo like that?


My standard rate is $250/page for color work, but it is more of a case-by-case thing, depending on complexity, number of characters, etc.

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