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Site Update
After many, many moons, I've updated my portfolio site. Take a peek and let me know what you think.
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I think it gives a reasonable idea of what you have to offer.

Yeah, I wanted to keep it clean, simple, and to the point.

It would be nice if the thumb on the front went directly to a larger version of the image, as opposed to Flickr, but then I hate how small flickr's default setting shows pictures, especially for artwork.

Also, I'd love to see a mention of what game line or publisher the ones that have been published were for.

I agree on both counts.

LOVE the Cthulu stuff. I think you really nail the tone of the mythos.

(Deleted comment)
I also agree with all three points.

the simple design works well, making your art the focus of the page, not some splashy web designing.

Many of the pieces were new to me, so that was cool. Great work.

Thanks! I think I added a few L5R pieces I haven't shown here... maybe some other stuff. I'm too lazy to scroll back and figure it out though. ;)

Thanks! I'm a fan of the Mythos too, so I always get stoked to hear I nailed it. :)

If you click through to flickr, it lists the game/publisher. Guess I should probably add it to the thumbnail posts too.

I went with flickr for easy cross-posting, didn't realize folks wouldn't like it. I guess it'd be an easy enough thing to change though. Thanks!

Only problem I have with it is the way the frameset is used to redirect to blogs.com

It's bad usability and also prevent people from using auto-discover on the webfeed (feature in Fx and IE7 that I use constantly). It also stays there if I open an individual page, so if a commissioning editor finds art he likes, can't link directly to it by copying the url out of the address bar (standard usage), but instead has to copy the 'permananent link' url b right clicking on it, which a lot of people won't know how to do.

Replace the frameset in aaronace.com with a 301 redirect, or I'm pretty sure blogs.com supports domain mapping—both would be better for both your search visibility and usability of the actual site.

But it does look damn good.

I know typepad supports domain mapping... but that's about all I know about it. I'll have to look into this. Thank you.

It's the little things that catch my eye -- I like how the blue type matches the logo piece. Very nice looking all-n-all.

Agree with much of what's been said. The only thing I'd add is that it is a killer on dial-up. Most likely not a concern for those specifically seeking you out, but I thought I'd mention it.

And yes, I'm a luddite. Sigh...


I guess I should cut down the number of images listed on the front page a bit. Thanks for pointing that out.

Oh, and beautiful, beautiful stuff, by the by.


You are SUCH an amazing artist. I love looking at your work!!

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