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Paper Cities Cover
Paper Cities Cover for Senses Five Press
Originally uploaded by aaronace

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Nice. I'm digging the color combo and text treatment.

Thanks! The design is by Kris Dikeman, and I agree, Kris did a great job matching the design with the illustration. Much better than the mock-up I did when I finished the illo. :)

Hey, cool! There's my name.

Looking forward to reading the book!

Wait, you did the cover for... who is published by... which features...


You too, eh? :)

Our dear Cat, she do get around. This ought to be good.

It would be bad enough were it just her!

Hot damn! I love it when you break from your usual style and show your versatility. This is my favorite of the three you posted today.

Thanks. I try to change things up every so often. :)

Nice! Great stuff as always, amigo.

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