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Suzerain v2 Promo
Suzerain v2 Promo

For the Suzerain roleplaying game, second edition.

Free Suzerain adventure: Dr Ballard, I Presume.

Suzerain Web Teaser

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Very nice cover :)
The adventure... well, I know nothing more about what Suzerain is or how it works than I did before looking at it.

Suzerain is a universal roleplaying game system. You can use it as is to play your own scenarios or play along as we reveal our "Universe In Gaming".

Here's a bit of introduction material...

What Is Suzerain?

Suzerain is an ancient word meaning ‘master’ or ‘overlord’. It is the name we have chosen for this vivid vision of the world that you’re reading.

Suzerain is planet Earth, spinning through space, sunrise to sunset over thousands of years. It’s Joe the ex-Army driver hauling top-secret cargo across the Bay Bridge in his 18-wheeler. It’s also Eric the Bjornserkr pillaging the coastal villages of Anglia in his longboat with the smell of fresh blood on the wind. It’s also Rica the mantis engineer repairing an organic habitation module 3,000 meters under the ocean.

Most importantly, Suzerain is about having fun with interesting characters in amazing settings and a chance to create colorful stories with your friends. This book has the rules necessary to enjoy any of the published Suzerain settings as well as those of your own creation.

What Makes Suzerain Unique?

Our physical world has a parallel one, separated by limitless metaphysical expanses. This spirit world has existed as long as human sentience or, if the legends can be believed, even longer. History wasn’t so precise in those days, you see.

In a far-away corner of the spirit world’s ancient geographies is a place called the Maelstrom, formed of pure Pulse. The Pulse Of All Things is the source of energy that flows through all living beings and provides form to the spirit world’s inhabitants. In our world, it’s the source of what has been called magic.

The most powerful of those who dwell in the spirit world are manifestations of the massive, eternal sentience of the universe itself. They live in the heart of the Maelstrom, able to shape Pulse into realms of their own design. They are the gods that man has known throughout our history. But because the Maelstrom is outside of time, they are also the gods we will know in the future. Zeus and Odin have their homes here, as do the Archangels and the great spirits of Pure Science.

Suzerain games can be set in the modern day, historical settings or in speculative zones outside either. Most anything is possible using this one rulebook.

Swashbuckling adventures based around stopping the rise of an ancient jungle god can sit side by side with ninja androids fighting for their cyber-shogun in a 22nd century city complex. The only limit is the collective imagination of your group.

I hear you're writing some Suzerain stuff in the near future...
Score for the home team! ;)

Looks like! I'm psyched. And hey, it's the Two Aarons, together again!

Always a good combo. I'm looking forward to it. :)

I find some amusement in all this, considering where Talisman was headed before...

Heh heh heh.

Yeah, no games to a bunch... don't worry, the graphic novels are still a high priority, just wait until 2008.

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Founder and Creative Director. I'd say Jason Engle is our main art dude, but I try. :)

What's up?

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Thank you very much. I did the cover, design, and most of the interiors for Suzerain. Jason did the five splash pages.

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