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Ruthless Advance

Ruthless Advance
Originally uploaded by aaronace
For Legend of the Five Rings CCG

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Absolutely gorgeous art... all the ones you've posted today. I love Sengoku Jidai-type stuff, so it really catches my attention, and the color palette is extremely well developed, especially in light of the subject matter, so the warm and cool colors contrast so well that it looks hi-def to my faulty eyes. ::laugh::

Ah, I meant to post this once and never got the chance... but my girlfriend went out and bought Suzerain just because of one of your posts. ^-^ (::laugh::)

Thanks, kindly. I really enjoy this subject matter as well. I hope I get to do a bunch more. I did some work for the most recent sets, but I can't show them yet. :)

Thank your girlfriend more me, I hope she really likes Suzerain. Which image caught her eye?

It was honestly the woman with her back to the viewer with a gun in her hand. She's saying it's actually the art from the cover of the second one? I don't really know (lol) You posted it, she saw it, and then started looking for more artwork. XD She's having a fangirl moment right now over my shoulder. "OMG your artwork is gorgeous~! Colors are all-ahh! :)" etc etc etc and something along those lines. XD

Sweet. Thank her for me. I'm glad she's enjoying my stuff. :)

I just love your art sooo much. Thank you for sharing it with us. =)

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