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24 Hour Comics

Anyone participating?

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With a twist.

More later. :)

When are you starting? I'm considering doing it, but I'm utterly unprepared and I should really be doing layout for Shaintar, but yeah... damn tempting.

Some time between 10pm and midnight; I am going to have to stop for another obligation at 10pm tomorrow (friend's 30th birthday party and I am sure this will make me LOTS OF FUN there!) so I am playing flexi-timezone on the hour I start. ;)

If I do it, I'll probably start in a couple hours.

Damn, wish I hadn't forgotten about it until today. Hmm.... I might still crank out something...

Cool! I'm not a cartoonist or I would. Are you going to do it?

I'm too slow. It took me 4 hours to write a few pages of script and do 1 page.

I wish they hadn't moved it to today.Wasn't last year in November? And then of course before that it used to be in the spring....

It's actually not too hard to do once you accept that the results could be complete crap and go for it. ;)

I gave up about 4 hours in. :)

I really wasn't prepared, just happened to notice it happening last night and gave it a whirl just to see what I could do at that speed.

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