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Art Prints
I'm currently working on two prints folks might be interested in...

The first is an open edition print featuring the lovely Apnea, in support of the Lithium Picnic legal defense fund.

SG vs LP

The second is a signed, limited edition, 18"x24" Halloween Art Print. I'm printing and signing 100 of these, and selling them for $50 each (free shipping). You can order below, using paypal. Please include your name, email address, and shipping address with your payment.

Happy Halloween!

Blood Moon


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i hate SG. they screwed me out of $500 dollars.

Seems they are screwing lots of people. :(

What's SG? Sounds like there's a story here.


If you read Lithium Picnic's lj or site you'll get the scoop.

You are truly an exceptional artist, Aaron. I envy you. :)

Thank you. I do my best. :)

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