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Go Jags!

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I will be there in my usual nosebleed/plebeian seats!

neenerpants and I really miss going to Jags games. I transfered to NAS JAX their first year, and they've been our adopted home team ever since.

We lost..but well I still love our jags...

Hey if you guys move back to jax...ill get ya some tix..haha Course I'm poor..but it would be great to get yall back hehe

Thanks for the thought, booty. We want to make it down during football season for sure. JD and the gang still get season tickets, so we'd probably be able to get to a game pretty easy. :)

Maybe next season, I'm booked solid with work until the end if this year, for sure. No travel for me, but can't really complain.. did a lot of traveling this summer.

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Hehehe. We'll see if the Jags D can stand up to the Colts tonight.

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Thanks. I hope the story doesn't torture you too much. :)

Don't worry, the Jags have a rich history of deflating Pay-me-a-ton Manning's giant head. Usually it's a rather violent decompression, such as last year's 375-yards-on-the-ground shellacking late in the season. Pay-me-a-ton also manages to throw more picks to the Jags than in any of his other games. I expect 2 or 3 tonight. When they were scoring 41 points on average, they could only put up 23 on average against the Jags...

They keep saying their defense is so much better, well the Jags offense is better, too. :)

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