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Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
I'm doing five illustrations for White Wolf's Midnight Roads. Just got the descriptions last night, and they're going to be a blast to paint.

Here's a tidbit from innocent_man, one of the developers:

“It’s called World of Darkness: Midnight Roads. It’s about the highways and byways of the World of Darkness, the crazy shit that you’ll find out on the roads when you get a flat at 2AM miles from anywhere. It’s about the things that live at truck stops and roadside motels, and why they’re watching you while you’re trying to sleep. It’s about truckers, bikers, carnies and other people who live on the road. It’s about gremlins, vanishing hitch-hikers and other spirits that are inextricably tied to cars.”

I can't wait to get started... but I have a few jobs in the queue ahead of this one, so I better get back to it.

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Very cool.

I've been looking forward to this book for some time. I can't wait to see what you come up with for it...

I'll post something as soon as I can. :)

I think I might need to have that one...

Sure sounds fine. Perfect fit for a horror game.

Ooooh! Now I'm wondering if you're drawing some of the stuff I wrote! drop me a line at jesskhartley@gmail.com if you get a chance! :)

Having spent as much time on the road late at night as I have, this book is a must-have. Too bad I don't have any of the other new WW books. Still, it sounds worth getting, even if I'll have to do some conversions.

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