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Ghoulish Fun
Wolfgang Baur's The Empire of the Ghouls project is now complete and has shipped to the patrons who commissioned it. The final project came together at 160 pages and over 10 MB, offering an in-depth underdark campaign against the Ghoul Imperium.

Here are my contributions:

Necrotic Engine

The Feasting

Pale Emperor

Sinderec, Glabrezu

Cimbrai Grimscribe, Sated Ghoul

Happy Halloween!

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(Deleted comment)
Many thanks. This project was awesome to work on. I'm a big fan of Wolf's stuff and his original Ghouls Dungeon adventure is one of my all time favorites, so it was a no-brainer. Plus, I got to paint dead stuff.

You are SO talented. Takes my breath away!

You are very kind, thanks.

Oh, man, those are fabulous. Outdid y'self.

Hehe, thanks. I really was inspired by this project. I loved the original version and I'm really glad Wolf let me work on this one.

Have I mentioned I like your work? :)

Thanks, Josie. I'd love to collaborate on a piece on of these days... you'd make a great subject. :)

One of the few words I know. :)

i love you= ya tebya lublu
good bye= poka


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