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Want to be a Superhero?

Till December 7th, I'm taking commissions to paint your or your friend as a muscle-bound mutant, blazin' blaster, elastic freak, or any other super hero (villain) you can think of. I will take your photos and create a one of kind original work of art featuring your new special powers.

A super gift for the holidays.

Your portrait will be an 8.5 x 11 inch, fine art print suitable for framing.

Email me at aaronace [at] gmail.com for more info!

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Geeze, even when I wasn't broke that would have been to much for me.

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This is a fabulous idea. Wish I had the money for it. I don't. Not right now.

Do you do this at random times during the year? Like for anniversaries?

Sure do. Turnaround depends on my workload, but I'll always try to find a way to fit special commissions in.

Damn!! That would be amazing! Too bad I'm getting fired and can't afford. :(

That's so cool, amigo! Sadly, I have no money--but it's still very very cool.

I'm sure I can work you into one of your suzerain books. ;)

Damn...I was hoping I'd be the only person to say how cool this would be, but that I'm too poor. I've only been the sole bread-winner for a few months (though that's all ending Monday). Between this and alg's offer, I need to rob a bank or something. Maybe I can overcome my needle phobia and sell a few quarts of blood.

Amazing idea. I'm posting this to my friends.

What a great idea!

If I can afford the price, I'd totally get one of those for my dad. He's an old-school comics fan who introduced me to pulps, comics, heroic fantasy and rock-n-roll. He also had open-heart surgury this past year, and this would totally cheer him up. I'll see what I can arrange.

PS: Love the image. Is she topless, or simply wearing skin-tinged Spandex?

Thanks. I'm doing one for my dad too.

Spandex. :)

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I'll trade you! Write a short story for Talisman and I'll do your portrait. I'd love to collaborate with you.

Wonder how much I can get for a kidney...

Well, I know this guy... ahem. Nevermind.

Ah, if I had 2 bills to spare.

i came in here when i saw 34 comments. I wanted to see how many of them were "damn if i wish i weren't broke" comments.

good luck

No worries. Got a couple orders today, and that's pretty cool. I wasn't expecting my email to light up, but a few of these will be a great help during the holidays.

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Great idea, thanks. I hadn't thought of using ebay.

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