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A Memory of Light
Tor announces the 12th and final novel in bestselling Robert Jordan's legendary Wheel of Time fantasy series will be completed by author Brandon Sanderson.

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I used to write articles for a website that Brandon's brother created and got to hang with him before he got published. He's a cool guy and well-deserving of the series. Elantris was the best fantasy novel to come out in years...

I'll give Elantris a shot then, thanks for the heads-up!

Huzzah! That is wonderful news, I'm sure he would be pleased.

I'm looking forward to it. I need closure. :)

I almost can't believe that series is STILL being worked on.

The books must be up to 4,000 pages by now. :p

I'm just glad they're finishing the series off, after 11 books it would be shame not to.

Oy! I knew I should have checked my Flist before posting, but the more spreading the good news the better. ;-)

I sure hope it's good. I need closure. :)

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