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Sweet Christmas!

I was going through my portfolio this afternoon and realized I haven't done any Marvel characters in a long time, so I did a Powerman pinup. I'm think I'm going to do a few more... maybe Cloak & Dagger next.

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Holy Cow. That's AWESOME. Although I'm partial to the yellow blouse.

I can't wait to see Cloak & Dagger. I was always very fond of them.

Hey, maybe you can do the Alpha Flight, too.

Edited at 2007-12-17 03:08 am (UTC)

Very cool. But seeing how you did Luke Cage how about doing his often partner Iron Fist? Or the Colleen Wing and Misty Knight?

I immediately knew who this was. Awesome work.

sweet christmas indeed! :)


I loved Cloak & Dagger growing up. Did you read the Runaways stories they were in? That series rocks!

Fucking hell Aaron! That's beautiful! Love the bullet deflecting off his chest. Nice detail.

You know... As awesome as this is... And it truly is... How bout' some heroes... heroes? :D I would <3 to see Peter Petrelli done... Well, right. :)

Never read it. But suddenly I'm interested.... ;-)

Nice work.
Cloak and Dagger - yes, yes, yes!
I'm not that into Supers but they are my favourite underused characters.
Wish someone would do a movie of them.


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