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Lord of Locusts, and Master of Decay
Wolfgang Baur's third issue of Kobold Quarterly is available and now is a great time to check the d20 magazine out, if you haven't already. Wolf is running a special promotion -- those who subscribe soon can pick up a free set of Q-Workshop dice along with their first issue.

Here's my contribution... Arbeyach, Prince of Swarms. 9" x 12" art prints are available for $15. You can order below using paypal, please include your shipping address.


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Oo. Looks rather BROM.

Now that's a compliment. Many thanks. :)

I saw that in the magazine and admired it, but I hadn't realized it was yours. Nice work!

Thanks, Prime. I'm looking forward to illustrating your books this year. Suzerain: Free Musketeers should be hitting my queue shortly, as a matter of fact.

Excellent! Don't forget, you promised to work me into SFM. I'm looking forward to seeing myself as either a Musketeer or a Diplomat. Or both. :)

Done! Hook me up with some ref photos would ya?

It's true. You're sooo talented. I love your rock.

You make me feel like a star. :)

Haha!! My son was talking to me and i got distracted! *blush* that was supposed to say I love your work, you rock. ;)

You keep getting better and better, my friend. I really love the styling of this one.

Thanks... you know what they say about practice. Heh. I got a wee bit in 2007. ;)

Yeah I can definitely see the Brom influences there Ace.

Keep it up m'man!

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