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Portfolio Review -- Talisman Studios
Jason Engle and I are reviewing portfolios for illustrators, cartographers, and 3d modelers. Drop me a link here, or ping me at ace [at] talisman-studios [dot] com for consideration.

Feel free to cross post this post or forward to interested parties.

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I'm getting this posted up on the Panel & Pixel forums. It isn't comic books, but it is art and there are some stunning artists there.


Jason Blair could give you a nice recommendation as well.

oh...and I can be reached at jpreston at willwerks dot net

Edited at 2008-01-15 02:01 am (UTC)

Thanks, I've got you added to my queue.

My portfolio and published credits may be found at www.KACurtis.com.
I have a gmail account under the user name keithcurtis. Thank you for your consideration.

Thanks, I've got you added to my queue.

This might be way out of my league, but I'd like to be considered.
My work can be seen at www.kiriko-moth.com

Is it still pay-on-pub or is it pay-on-acceptance now?

Royalties, paid monthly, for the vast majority of our stuff.

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