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Graphics and whatnot
What's the best looking game you ever saw? Graphics, logos, marketing materials, illustrations, etc. I'm not talking content here (that'll come later), I'm just talking about looks. It can be a computers, console, cards, tabletop, board, minis... just has to be a game.

Show me teh sex.

Edit: I guess I should start... I'm a big fan of Iron Kingdoms.
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It would definitely be an Xbox 360 game. High Def, don't you know.

So ... I'd say ... Halo 3. Can't beat its fantastic detail, rich colors, and varied environs.

Halo 3, HD, ahhh yes, can't go wrong there. :)

RoboRally. The art fits the game, and it's all total chaos. Best design hands down. You open the box and you want to learn the amazingly convoluted game because it looks sooooo cool.

I love Robo Rally... even tried turning it into a drinking game. You take a shot every time your robot gets shot. It worked alright until my buddy Edgar got shot seven times in a row... he wasn't feeling so good after that. :)

Gemini, the massively cool and unfortunately defunct Sweedish dark fantasy RPG.

Sweet art, sweet layout, well written, great system, wonderfull background...

I remember Gemini, I think I still have a copy in my storage unit. I loved the circular spot illos they worked into the frame. Very cool layout.

Warhammer und Warhammer 40K

They are king of the "house-style". You can always tell a Warhammer product.

I'll stick to rpgs otherwise this post could be huge.

1) Iron Kingdoms/Warmachine
2) WFRP 2nd Ed.
3) Game of Thrones

Each of these is gorgeous, evocative, and makes me want to play.

My thoughts exactly. Dark Heresy (40k RPG) has some very nice artwork in it.

The original Crimson Skies boxed set from FASA. Very evocative. Not without its warts, and subsequent follow up products never paid off on the promise inherent in the boxed set.


Very evocative. It make me look twice.

rpg 'mechanical dream' the rules were clunky and the layout was pretty bad but the books for that game are still easily among the best in my collection.

Low Life by Andy Hopp.

I remember chatting with you about Mechanical Dreams when I was over visiting. I still need to take a closer look.

Heh, Low Life. Gotta love it. I don't want to know how many hours that book took Andy. What an insane level of detail... damn.

Infinity was one game that I just bought upon seeing. I'd never heard of it before the day I saw it in my FLGS, but just spotting the cover and scanning through the pages of gorgeous art was enough to get me to buy it on the spot.

To this day, almost a year later, I have yet to actually play a game of it...

Hadn't seen this yet, thanks.

Most of the RPGs I own haven't been played, I'm a sucker for gorgeous art. So many games, too little time. Sigh.

On a computer games end I'd say Assassin's Creed and Bioshock has got to be 2 of the pretties marketed games.

I would totally agree with you about Iron Kingdoms/Warmachine also. The material for that is beautiful.

Cadwallon is the other I'd mention. I've only ever seen the one book for it, but boy is it amazingly beautiful.

The Cthuhlu board game, Arkham, is like holding art in your hands though.

I have a hard time deciding on just one, as you can see.

I still haven't play Assassin's Creed or Bioshock... they're in the queue with Mass Effect. All three look amazing.

I'll have to check out the Cthuhlu game, haven't see it yet and I'm a big mythos fan(if you haven't guessed by now).

I'm not really a gamer but my boyfriend is a huge one, and I watch him play this stuff and occasionally join in. So here's my somewhat uninformed opinions...

Assassin's Creed, Crackdown (the skies are beautiful!) or Oblivion (one of the Morrowind sequels).

Oh, oh, almost forgot Jade Empire. Gorgeous.

I totally forgot about Jade Empire, good call.

(Deleted comment)
RPGS: Shadowrun, Earthdawn, and Fading Suns (Though I'll be seeing Iron Kingdoms shortly, as a friend is starting her campaign on Friday)

CCGS: I must agree with Illuminati: NWO

Video Games: I'm still a fan of FF8, as I don't have anything better than the PS2.

How did Earthdawn and Fading Suns slip my mind? I enjoyed both. I must be getting old. :)

I loved Deadlands. It had a great background, good support for figs, and they released a follow up Apocalyptic world that was really well done.

The Hanging Judge ... nuff said.

Oh, then there's Blood Bowl - yeah, lets take gaming AND Football :D thankye

Ah crap...how could I forget Deadlands? And Legend of the Five Rings, for that matter...

That's a tough question, amigo! So many to choose from! I agree about Iron Kingdoms, and someone else has already mentioned Deadlands and Mechanical Dreams--I'd have to say Agone is also gorgeous, and of course Nobilis. I also think the new WoD books are really nicely designed, with great covers.

The cover of Agone sold me. Grabbed it at GenCon years back.

Eh, I'm going to be the spoiler here and say Ravenloft.

The gothic style artwork brought enough 'creep factor' to the game without being too creepy.

Which version did you like the best?