Aaron Acevedo (aaronace) wrote,
Aaron Acevedo

[daily dose] The Prisoner

flash fiction by Rob Adams asm0dous
Jezebel stood, her head cocked to the side as her sire prattled on about something called responsibility to the brotherhood. If she had to take much more of this she was going to just start killing people right there. It wasn’t enough apparently that he forced her to these meetings where he’d lecture his brood, attacking them with his droning voice as he rattled off nonsense. If one of the brood had to explain to a monkey about the meetings they would probably compare the lectures to that of a beloved children’s show. All hype, no sustenance. Still, the phrases were all there and she understood the meaning of his vitriol, but she just couldn’t connect the dots somehow. Something just was not right with her brain today. Sure, she had received plenty of sustenance from those monkeys, but the hum of his voice kept lulling her into a mind numbing torpor.

“…and in conclusion,” his voice came to a crescendo, “we will respect Ravid and his ‘group’ and their hunting territories. At least, (he paused smiling) for now.” Chuckling and whooping, the brood hurried out the crowded apartment into the night beyond – all except Jezebel who stood staring at her sire.

Mesthel looked up from his momentary revere, his interest waning “What is it Jezzie?” She cocked her head the other way and her deep blue eyes penetrated his scrutinizing gaze. “I haven’t got all ruddy day!” Her smile dropped. “That was the most boring lecture you have given in a long fucking time Mes. I didn’t know if I should drop into deadsleep from boredom or pray to be found by one of those hunters. At least then the torture would have been brief if at all.” A frown quickly replaced his smile and his eyes blazed red before her, blood rushing to the long-dead capillaries lending his eyes an evil red glow. Obviously, he was not impressed. “Listen Jez, if it were anyone else talking to me that way they would have been left for the sun. Get it?” She shook her head and laughed a sweet devilish giggle, “Yes, but then who would you fuck tonight? I suppose you could convince one of your thralls to do it for you.” She began another sentence, but it was choked down her throat as his right hand moved faster than even her senses could react to and pinned her throat to the wall.

Their eyes met and his nails penetrated her skin. She gasped as the blood began slowly dripping from her neck wound to the floor and stained the dark blue paint a crimson red quickly gathering into a puddle under them. “Any more smartass remarks to make?” She made no sound. “Alright” he loosened his grasp, “give me a reason next time.” She took his hand and they exited the door behind – the bedroom. Suddenly, she was no longer so bored…

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